Isabelle Keller, President

Isabelle Keller


Isabelle Keller is a non-traditional student with a dance and theatre background who has come back to get her BSBA in Finance. Currently a senior at the Lee Business School she is expected graduate in the fall of 2019. Post graduation she will pursue a CFP and has a vision for creating her own firm one day. Joining FMA in the fall of 2017 gave her the push to apply to Goldman Sachs where she interned this past summer. This has fueled her passion and involvement in the club and as president, she hopes to bring these opportunities and many more to all the clubs current members. In her free time Isabelle loves cooking, lonboarding, dancing, hiking and all types of new adventures.

Email: kellei2@unlv.nevada.edu

Cassandra Rausch, Executive Vice President

Cassandra Rausch

Executive Vice President

Cassie is a Senior Finance Major and French minor set to graduate in Spring 2019. She hopes to pursue a graduate degree in a Master's of Finance next fall. She is very passionate in traveling the world, which began 2 years ago when she took a semester off and went to Costa Rica and worked as a Sea Turtle Research Volunteer. She now speaks 3 languages (English, Spanish, and French) and has visited 14 different countries. This has inspired her to use finance in a global sense, and she hopes to work internationally after finishing her education. She joined FMA Spring 2018 and is excited to be serving her position as VPO. Her favorite finance related quote is, "You gotta risk it to get the biscuit."

Email: rauscc1@unlv.nevada.edu

Maryam Sleiman, Vice President of Operations

Maryam Sleiman

Vice President of Operations

Maryam Sleiman is currently a senior in the Lee Business School and is also a part of the Honors College. She intends to graduate Fall 2019 with a degree in Finance. After graduating, she is interested in pursuing a MS in Finance or an MBA. As the secretary, her job is to make sure members are informed and caught up on all things FMA. In her free time, Maryam enjoys painting and baking.

Email: sleiman@unlv.nevada.edu

Jacob McQueen, Treasurer

Jacob McQueen


Jacob McQueen is currently a junior at the Lee Business School. He is pursuing a BSBA in Finance and plans to continue his education after graduation. Following graduate school, he hopes to work in the field of commercial banking or work as a financial advisor. His role in FMA is to work with Mikaela in dealing with the finances of the club in anticipation of assuming the role as treasurer in the Spring semester. In his free time, Jacob enjoys reading and going on hikes with his girlfriend and dog.

Email: mcquej1@unlv.nevada.edu

Nicole Virtucio, Secretary

Nicole Virtucio


Nicole joined FMA in 2016 after switching majors from Biology to now pursuing Finance with a minor in Philosophy and Management. She is responsible for coordinating volunteer and ensuring that FMA gives back to the community. During her free time she loves to play with her dog Lulu.

E-mail: virtucio@unlv.nevada.edu


Allyson Miranda, Director of Marketing

Allyson Miranda

Director of Marketing

Allyson Miranda is currently a senior expecting to graduate in the fall of 2019. Along with a bachelor’s in Finance, she is also pursuing a minor in Film and is a part of the Honors College. After graduation, Allyson plans to work in finance in the film industry. As the director of marketing for FMA, her role involves creating successful campaigns and strategies to increase FMA’s membership and outreach.

Email: mirana6@unlv.nevada.edu

Daniel Sanchez, Director of Fundraising

Daniel Sanchez

Director of Fundraising

Daniel Sanchez is a senior pursuing a Bachelor’s in Finance and is set to graduate Fall of 2019. He is currently the captain for UNLV's CFA Investment Research Challenge team and plans to begin studying for the CFA Level 1 upon graduation. He now works in the billing department of TWI Group, a tradeshow logistics company. Daniel is currently seeking an internship for the summer, preferably in asset or wealth management. In his free time, Daniel loves to spend time with loved ones, watch sports, and travel.

E-mail: sanchd11@unlv.nevada.edu

Giancarlo Borgetti, Director of Membership

Giancarlo Borgetti

Director of Membership

Giancarlo Borgetti is a senior at the University of Las Vegas Nevada seeking a dual in Economics and Finance in Business Administration. He is currently interning at Bank of George in the SBA department. Giancarlo is constantly learning and staying ahead of global market dynamics, enjoys working in a team environment that integrates economics, quantitative research, technology and financial markets. He will be earning the Charter Financial Analyst certification upon graduating and would passionately like to work in the investment industry.

E-mail: borgeg1@unlv.nevada.edu

Montserrat Tavera, Director of Philanthropy

Montserrat Tavera

Director of Philanthropy

Montserrat recently changed majors from Elementary Education to now pursue a BSBA in Accounting. With a business-oriented family and joining FMA in 2018, she was able to strengthen her decision to pursue a degree in the business field. Throughout the semester, she will be responsible for coordinating volunteer events to better serve our Las Vegas community. A fun fact about Montserrat is that she loves flan!

E-mail: tavera@unlv.nevada.edu

Andrew Riffel, Director of Events

Andrew Riffel

Director of Events

Andrew Riffel is a transfer student from CSN where he obtained his Associate's degree with a focus in Business. Currently a Junior at UNLV pursuing a BSBA in Finance and is expected to graduate in Fall of 2019. Andrew aims to improve collaborative parts of FMA by getting everyone well acquainted with the club. After graduation Andrew plans to use his financial skills to conquer real estate and start his own business. On Andrew's free time he likes to eat, workout, and create comedic YouTube videos.

E-mail: riffel@unlv.nevada.edu

Vicky Saab, Director of Mentorship

Vicky Saab

Director of Mentorship

Vicky is a senior double majoring in Finance and Marketing. She is set to graduate in Fall 2019. She hopes to pursue a MBA with a concentration in Finance at USC after graduation. Vicky speaks Arabic and travels every summer. This has helped figure out her ultimate goal which is to go globally with her finance skills and start her career in Dubai after getting her MBA. She joined FMA Fall 2018 and wanted to dive into a leadership position to be more involved. She is excited to be serving as the Director of Mentorship.

E-mail: saab@unlv.nevada.edu


Vladimir Veynovich, Consultant

Vladimir Veynovich


Vladimir (Vlad) is a dual major in Finance and Economics. He serves as a Consultant for the Financial Management Association. Vlad helps the club with everyday decision that impacts the organization on a mass level, both financially and as a community. After Graduation in May 2019, Vlad wants to get into private equity and learn more about the industry. He has had a couple of internships throughout his college career that has helped him better understand the world of business. He always looks to expand his education by reading or researching interesting books or articles. Vlad is always looking for more opportunities to help him grow both intellectually and as a person. He enjoys watching sports on the weekend for his relaxing time, his favorites are football and basketball.

Email: veynov1@unlv.nevada.edu