The Financial Management Association of UNLV is a non-profit student organization whose goal is to offer support and development to students interested in pursuing careers in the field of Finance. Our core focus is aligning student members with finance professionals throughout the country in order to help create and maintain productive long-term business relationships. FMA strives for excellence both in and out of the classroom while providing students with opportunities to build their professional expertise and business relationships.

Our passion for achieving results that exceed our own and others’ expectations is not confined to the Finance field or the classroom. FMA also remains dedicated to improving the lives of others through a variety of philanthropic endeavors throughout the Las Vegas community. Our organization continues to be actively involved with nonprofits such as Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada and Spread the Word Nevada.


The Financial Management Association at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas is committed to four pillars that make up our organization:


We are leaders in and out of the classroom. Inspiring others, taking responsibility, and demonstrating integrity are key traits of what we think makes an ideal leader.


We continually adapt and evolve. It is important to grow professionally, strengthen our core values, and seek new opportunities.


We are committed to excellence in everything we do to improve ourselves by striving to achieve results that exceed both our own expectations and those of others.


We enrich our community through our work with local philanthropic endeavors and our support to respectable non-profit organizations.